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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is a Bride's Room Important?

Yes a bride's room is important!  When selecting your wedding venue, please be sure to spend some time in the bridal room.  As a newly engaged bride, your first priority is probably not the room where you will be getting dressed, but you may want to consider having your hair and makeup done on location.  You need to take a good look around the bridal room when you tour the facility.   Here are a few questions you should keep in mind when looking at wedding venues and their bridal room:

1) Is the room large enough?  How many bridesmaids do you plan to have?   Can the room accommodate all of the girls, their dresses, your dress, the photographer(s), the mother(s), grandmother(s), hair dresser(s) and makeup artist(s) - not to mention luggage, shoes, food, etc.  

2) Is there a good source of natural lighting?  Natural light is a makeup artist's best friend - especially if the bride and bridal party will be taking photos outside.  

3) Does the room have adequate counter/table top space?  Hair products, makeup, food, etc. times several women take up a lot of space.  
4)  How long do you have in the bridal room the day of the wedding?  Many wedding venues only allow the bride access to the bridal room for just a few hours, so be sure to ask how long you have access to your venue before signing the contract.

We'll show you several options to choose from when you tour Las Brisas Farm, depending on the size of your wedding party.  
We've got it all; plenty of room, natural light, lots of counters and tables, and all the time that you need.  
Las Brisas Farm, your destination wedding close to home.

Many thanks to Makeup by Keri Ann, Lance Loyd Photography and Catherine Kinslow for their help with this article.

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