Las Brisas Farm

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Las Brisas Farm, always in bloom

According to Bella Wedding Flowers ... "While the trendy colors for weddings in the past few years have been pale and neutral, 2014 is seeing a resurgence of bright colors. By pairing vivid color palettes with lighter tones found in nature, 2014 weddings are alluding to organic beauty, sunshine, fresh summer days and watery calm nights."

We have always got something in bloom here at Las Brisas Farm -- plenty of sunshine and fresh summer days.

Organic beauty and watery calm nights.  Yep, we've got that too!

"The number one most popular color for 2014 seems to be blue in all its shades: Majolica blue (a deep, navy blue), teal blue, turquoise, ice blue cobalt blue, royal blue….any blue goes for this year`s weddings. Combine your blue with other blues for a watery elegance, match your blue with pink for a vintage feel or combine your blue with grey for a winter tone to your wedding. For summer weddings, teal blue with bright orange is ideal to bring your blue theme to life. " 

Our field of Texas blue bonnets in the spring.  

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